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Glenn Maynard wrote:

> Before making up alternatives, you need to explain what's wrong with the
> existing mechanism.  SIGWINCH works just fine.  You're offering solutions
> without saying what the problem is.

Sometimes it is at least a bazillion times easier to rewrite than to
track down someone else's code and manage its evolution. You clearly
prefer the latter in all cases. From his initial question, Jean-Rene
seems to be more like you and less like Klaus (and I).

But luckily, if he's still even considering Lua, Jean-Rene can choose
whichever option suits his needs.

Dependencies are a source of many difficulties in software maintenance.
I like the near absence of dependencies in slnspider. Now if I could
just get my xterm to use a font that would work with it... :)


Doug Rogers - ICI - V:703.893.2007x220