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On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 11:07:00AM +0200, Klaus Ripke wrote:
> > Having to type ^L to have an application recognize a window size
> > change is not acceptable.
> Sorry, I really did not want to suggest to remove ncurses or
> readline from your bash, mutt/pine, vimacs or elinks.

We're discussing the Lua terminal application that would fail to handle
window changes, not these others.

> > It's 2005; handling this automatically
> > has been standard practice for a very long time.
> If it has been standard practice for a very long time in terminal
> based lua apps then some pointer would no doubt be appreciated.

It has been standard practice for terminal applications; as far as
I know, nobody is writing them today in Lua.

> Why not teach screen to turn SIGWINCH into some in-band input
> for certain apps? It's dealing with it anyway.
> As modern unicode xterms tend to pipe IO through luit,
> that would be another possibility to hook in.

Before making up alternatives, you need to explain what's wrong with the
existing mechanism.  SIGWINCH works just fine.  You're offering solutions
without saying what the problem is.

It seems to me that the "problem" is "Lua doesn't have a way to hook
SIGWINCH".  The obvious solution is "add a way to hook SIGWINCH", but
you're suggesting things like "introduce a whole new interface to replace
SIGWINCH", and I have no idea why.

Glenn Maynard