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On 12 Sep 2005, at 12:10, Ariel Manzur wrote:
Are you using it to only access variables that were already created
outside lua?

No - I've been using the type information to allow the user to create new instances of variables.

I noticed that gcc4 (the only version I used so far, since
the older ones refuse to compile a .h file :)

I got around that problem by synthesising a .c file to include them

throws away declarations
that are not used.. so if I just have a class definition, it doesn't show on the .tu file unless I also have an instance. What version of gcc are
you using? Do you use it to bind template classes too? I imagine there
would be a similar problem. (that list of nodes on the other mail looks
very useful, too, thanks).

I'm using 3.4. I'm fairly certain it's exporting class definitions, but I may have used slight trickery to do that - I'll look up how I got around it when I got into work.

As regards templates, I'm not sure - they're disallowed at work, on grounds of being evil (a position I agree wholeheartedly with). Certainly, at best, you'd only get access to the instances of templates defined in the code.