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Just to say I made my own changes in tolua++ 1.0.5 ... And now, think
it's a good idea to share what I made ...

- Added defines #TOLUA_DISABLE_AAA to disable the function AAA (to
replace it by manual one for example

- Added possibility to insert more than one line of C code by using
// tolua code
// C code

- Added descriptions in lua chuks ... for $lfile it's the file name and
for $[ ... $] it is the first line so :
$[ -- description
-- lua code
will have description "-- description"
The important thing is those descriptions appears in stack traceback ...
so it's easier to debug programms.

Maybe I added 2 or 3 other things I don't remember

The patch file is here :

Usage: cd to tolua++-1.0.5/src/bin
patch -p1 < patchfile.patch
This will patcjh lua/ directory ... then you need to compile it.
cd to tolua++ root directory
rebuild tolua++ c files by: scons build_dev='true'

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