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> It took 10 minutes with the current folder layout because everything was
> nicely separated into logical chunks (the src/*, src/lib/*, etc).
> Especially nice considering I'd never even looked at lua before, never
> mind knowing what the files are all there for.  Had it all been merged
> into one folder, I would have had to hunt through the makefile to figure
> out which bit corresponds to which bit.  That's pretty tedious (and time
> consuming ;)...

Hunt through the makefile? Did you take a look at the makefile? What you
are looking for is in the first page of text, assigned to variables
called CORE_O and LIB_O. The only thing you won't be able to do is to
drag all files from a directory into the project, but you can almost do
it. All you have to do is move 10 files away from the lua.lib into the
lualib.lib project and the three client files away from both.

I think the time to create the project changes from 10min to 11min,
including the peek at the makefile. :)