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On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 09:28:22PM -0500, Diego Nehab wrote:
> I prefer all files in the same directory. Once you install things, then
> you can organize the files however you want. But for the build process,
> and especially for development, isn't is just so much easier to dump
> everything in the same place? I myself put C srcs and includes, Lua
> files, examples, and binaries and objs and deps and libs all in the same
> directory. Works fine, unless you have too many files, which is not our
> case here.

I don't find it easier at all.  The opposite, for a library and
associated helper apps, actually: I much prefer to have the library
(src/*, src/lib/*) separate from helper apps (src/luac/*).  That way,
if I have to build a project file myself, I don't have to weed out
the extra files that aren't part of the library (print.c, lua.c).

Glenn Maynard