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Mike Pall wrote:
> attached is a patch against Lua-5.1-work2 to add 'true'
> C coroutines to the Lua core.

Nice work.  I thought more about completely removing the
Lua-only coroutines from the core and putting the C-level
coroutines in a library (like the math lib) but it seems
you're more on track of what Roberto wants.

The only advantage I see for the Lua-only coroutines is
that they need less memory (no possibly large C stack).
But they are quite limited and for the great majority of
all system the (IMHO) superior C-level coroutines are

Are Lua-only coroutines really required?  Small survey?
- Who is using them at the moment?
- Are the Lua-only couroutines good enough for you?
- Would you switch to C-level coroutines if they were

Ciao, ET.