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Hi Edgar

Edgar Toernig wrote:

Are Lua-only coroutines really required?  Small survey?
- Who is using them at the moment?
- Are the Lua-only couroutines good enough for you?
- Would you switch to C-level coroutines if they were

I just learned about these c-level coroutines in this thread. I surfed a lot and read everything I could find about them. So therefore I think lua-only coroutines should be kept. For lua-only coroutines: (this is just what I read, I have no experience, so I may be wrong)

1. have no architecture dependency
2. use less memory
3. switch faster
4. setjmp/longjmp are reported to behave strange on some systems (or faulty implementations) -> otherwise you would need an asm part for every system.

Don't get it wrong I found the c-level coroutines great and having the choice to use them is good thing.