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I'm currently releasing LuaX as LGPL (no complaints there, so far). With Hamster and Lumikki I've taken another road, more "strict" open source I guess, due to their role as tools instead of end components.

What exactly do you think is non-GPL in my interpretation? Lot of commercial software is done using gcc; where does this differ?


ps. Legally, of course, GPL text itself applies, not my 'nutshell'.

14.10.2004 kello 13:29, Adam D. Moss kirjoitti:

 Asko Kauppi wrote:
>Lumikki is released under the GPL license. You are free to use the software in any project, for any purpose, as long as you don't (need to) make modifications to it. If you need to modify, you also need to provide the modifications to others that might benefit from them. This is how GPL works in a nutshell.

Okay, hate to butt in -- but no, that isn't how the GPL works
in a nutshell!  That's a rather closer description of how the LGPL
works in the nutshell, but is still missing some essential
restrictions.  If those are the actual terms you wish to release
Lumikki under then you might want to consider another license.

--Adam (IANAL)