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Nice to hear that, Ashish.

As I indicate in the manual:

>License terms:
>Lumikki is released under the GPL license. You are free to use the software in any project, for any purpose, as long as you don't (need to) make modifications to it. If you need to modify, you also need to provide the modifications to others that might benefit from them. This is how GPL works in a nutshell.

If you're just defining new functions, that's no problem. They aren't modifications to the original source (unless you force them in there). If you need other kind of modifications, and GPL is unacceptable, please send me a note.


14.10.2004 kello 11:35, Ashish Ranjan kirjoitti:

 Hi ak,
you have done a gr8 job. actually just two days before
i had started designing such a tool. And  i was not
following your lumikki mails. But after i found
lumikki, it saved my efforts. I think you will soon
hear that i am using it in my projects. But i have
only once concern that it would have been better if it
was a kind lua license or BSD license
bye :-)

I've uploaded the latest Lumikki code to LuaForge:

There are small changes all over, plus a revised
I recommend anyone using Lumikki 0.15 to have a look
at this.


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