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Hi List,

I just went to the wiki to try to find a list of distributions of Lua
with Batteries for Windows - I was looking for a specific one, but I
had forgotten its name - and what I discovered was: 1) the page
"LuaDistributions" is not as easy to find as I expected, 2) there
doesn't seem to be a page with a summary of our recent discussions!

It would be great if someone - someone who is better with wikis than
me - could fix that. Here are some links to the wiki,

and links to the all (?) relevant threads in the mailing list since
dec/2019: Dead Batteries Dead Batteries [ANN]
WinLua Binary Distribution [mildly
OT] Some info about Python [Lua vs
Python] Luarocks LuaDEAL -
Lua DEad Alive Libraries [mildly
OT] Some info about Python Suravi - a
Lua 5.3 compatible collection of batteries

A page listing the current status of the idea of Lua-plus-batteries
could be a good addition to:

    Eduardo Ochs