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!!! Build robust event-driven software based on hierarchical state machines!!!

The Sinelabore Code Generator now supports the generation of Lua code from UML state machine diagrams.

Use your favorite modeling tool (EA, Astah, UModel, …) and generate code from it with an easy-to-use command line tool. Automatic model checks warn from design flaws. Configure the generation process according to your needs. Simulate your model. Generate trace code automatically if needed. All major state machine features like hierarchical states, regions, history, sub-machines … are supported.

- Generated code has production-quality. It is based on nested if/then/else statements
- No gap between design and code
- Use the code generator only for those parts of your software that benefit from state machine modeling and code generation. Use your existing development environment for all the other code. The code-generator does not dictate an “all or nothing” approach
- Automatic robustness tests, test-case generation, tracing and simulation
- Extensive manual with getting started section
- The code generator runs on all relevant platforms

Download the demo version and install it on your computer. Scan the manual starting with the the “Getting Started” section to get a basic understanding of what the tool can do for you. There is also a basic introduction into state-machines in case you need a refresh. Payback comes immediately!

For more information goto:

Feedback is highly welcome

With best regards,
Peter Mueller
Sinelabore Software Tools