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On Mon, Feb 03, at 02:10 Αγαθοκλής wrote:
> What you need is to find the glue only. But this is already described!

I went ahead and just `touch' this thing, using make and Linux for the initial

The intention through this prototype and at this stage, is to understand the needs,
so that at the end we can:

  - provide ways to package flexible distributions for different environments
  - use Lua to code every possible task in every possible environment

I believe that this idea can go far too far, even to be pid 1 and god knows where
else then. What it has to be realized though is that this is for the common benefit,
and it can succeed if:

  -  we feel that there is no obligation, so that there will be some fun
  -  unite our focus under a single infrastructure
  -  use without mercy each expertise to specific domains

I think the first easy steps are:

  - find first a descriptive name, perhaps: ecolua (which is also catchy these days)

  - claim from github this top level name (ecolua is free) and store there the

    - the low level tool
    - the documentation/wiki repository
    - webpage repository
    - ...

The second and the most difficult is to start coding, and for that we need to:

   - design the hierarchy

   - decide for the tool
     (mho: I think would be wise to concentrate the efforts to a unique interpeter
      to write this tool. Through this research, i found NeLua which compiles in C,
      and so we can have C for free where there is a need, and then we can possibly
      bind a Lua implementation to drive this thing (somehow Lua into Lua))

   - find the first fool

   - create a committee that will be controlled by the community

Perhaps this is a viable plan (i'm really not sure about this first fool who will
write the first lines of code, but then i'm possitive others will follow, as it is
obvious for the benefit of all here).

Have a nice day, ag