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On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 5:31 PM, E. Toernig <> wrote:
> They are playing games.  Microsoft doesn't really want independant
> software developers (they only hurt their business), they want to
> sell a product: Visual Studio.

i doubt they make any money on developer tools.   i think the strategy
is to make development and testing dead easy on single machines, but
deployment a lot harder.

the difficulty of deployment doesn't affect the choice of tools
because: a) it only hurts waaay after you've commited a lot of work to
the tools, so migration is out of the question. and b) it's done by
other 'less important' people.

why do they want to make deployment harder? i'm not sure; but i guess
it's to help with planned obsolecense. since developers always have
the latest from redmond (in many cases it's free of charge); support
is easy only if the user has the latest OS too.

just check all the cheap and gratis software for windows; only the
really good support old versions.  everybody else helps to make old
platforms less and less usable.