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On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 9:46 PM, E. Toernig <> wrote:
> My experience (with C code) is that once you get the app compiled
> with mingw you have absolutely no problems any more.

Fine, if everything is built against it. But the original situation is
where there is a (unmodifiable) program linked against another
runtime. There are some scenarios which will cause trouble; something
allocated in one runtime freed in another, and so forth. You can be
careful, but you can't guarantee that all extensions will be careful.

A good summary is on the Wiki (although a bit disorganized):

> IMO, any DLL which requires any of the visual-c runtimes and is
> supposed to be used by foreign apps is *broken* period.

Well it's just the way they do it ;)  I don't like it personally, and
find that Visual Studio gives me a headache.  There are two obvious
jokes (1) the word 'Visual' and (2) 'makes life easier for

The mingw tools are just great, no fuss, works like one expects - I've
been a convert for a long time!

steve d.

PS. This is important stuff, because Windows has become a troublesome
target for software development. However, one can't ignore 80% of the
world's desktops.