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steve donovan <steve.j.donovan <at>> writes:

> Of course, people work with Lua and Visual Studio. But then they are
> surely capable of using binaries from LuaBinaries or building the
> libraries themselves.
> LfW is intended mostly for users of Lua, so there is no longer any
> compelling reason to use the MS tools for it.

World is not /so/ easy. I'm developing lua-scripts (with LuaForWindows),
which are to be used (in compiled form) by a windows application, which
(for my knowledge) is build with VisualStudio2008. (and where I have no

Problems arise, when I require DLLs, which are copied from LuaForWindows
into the target application space. The Call-Tree:


This is indended to work also, when only the application is installed
(including my script and required DLLs), but without installing LfW.
Specially I need iup to generate some settings dialogs for my scripts.

I'm not shure, what would happen, if the LfW-DLLs were build with mingw.


Another problem is, that "required" takes a look at package.cpath for loading
the DLLs, but "has-dependency" is resolved by Windows itself, not taking
care of package.cpath. I've still looking for a proper solution for this.