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steve donovan wrote:
> > I'm not shure, what would happen, if the LfW-DLLs were build with mingw.
> Probably still have trouble ;)

Care to elaborate?

My experience (with C code) is that once you get the app compiled
with mingw you have absolutely no problems any more.

IMO, any DLL which requires any of the visual-c runtimes and is
supposed to be used by foreign apps is *broken* period.

If you don't want to use mingw, take the WDK - it creates DLLs and
EXEs that link against plain msvcrt.dll.  No "Visual" gadgetry
though and all of MS's command line tools seem to be in alpha-state.

And if you really want to use VS: I think there are tutorials on how
to create VS-apps that link against msvcrt.dll and need no redistrib-

But honestly: if you have any C-development background on Unix
you'll love the mingw/msys combo.  A plain compiler which generates
native windows apps.  No glue-layer or anything.  You get a working
(g)cc, (gnu)make, (ba)sh, shell-utils, bin-utils, windres (for the
resource stuff), vi(m), ...  git works fine, too.

I think, without ming/msys I would have quit my job ;-)

And don't mistake mingw with cygwin.  Cygwin provides a Unix environ-
ment for Unix-apps on windows with a big DLL and a very complicated
emulation-layer.  It's not really meant to produce stand-alone Windows

Ciao, ET.