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Drake Wilson wrote:
> I'm curious how this interacts with the official platform stance
> apparently being that this is a broken thing to be doing for
> general-purpose applications and that you're playing with fire trying
> to link against MSVCRT directly.

They are playing games.  Microsoft doesn't really want independant
software developers (they only hurt their business), they want to
sell a product: Visual Studio.  And the crt is the doc-format of the
compiler: every release a new version so that when one developer up-
dates all other have to update, too.

Regarding the "playing with fire trying to link against MSVCRT directly":
This advice is for the Visual Studio compiler - afaik it needs some
compiler dependent stuff (i.e. exception handling etc.) from its CRTs.

All EXEs and DLLs from Microsoft link against it (and nearly none
against one of the MSVCRxx.DLLs!).  If you are linking against one of
the other DLLs (GDI32, COMCTL32, WINSPOOL, ...) you are already linking
against MSCVRT.DLL anyway.  You would use the same runtime they are
using.  Less potential for problems.  And the documentation of MSVCRT is
at the same level as that for GDI32, COMCTL32, ...  So why not use it?

The mingw compiled Lua will run on anything from W2k (I guess even Win98)
to Win7.  Try that with VS2010 ...

Ciao, ET.