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On Tue, Sep 28, 2010 at 2:19 AM, Drake Wilson <> wrote:
> (Yes, this does imply that MinGW linking against MSVCRT by default
> seems broken to me, though not necessarily in an easily rectifiable
> way.  I would tend to think that the theoretically-correct approach
> would be along the lines of an extra libre CRT for Windows of some
> kind, but I'm insufficiently experienced with Windows to be sure of
> that.)

It's clearly an idea that's in the air, as a quick Google search
indicates, but it would be a big job.  And remember that msvcrt.dll
also provides basic C++ support, which is tangled up with the MS

(There would also be a temptation to fix 'broken' things ;))

steve d.

PS. Yes, I hear this, that MS does not recommend msvcrt.dll, but _in
practice_ things seem to work ok across Windows versions.  (They do
want you to use their tools, after all)