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On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 9:58 PM, Jim Whitehead II <> wrote:
>  * We need someone to take control of this project and lead it in a
> particular direction.  This could be a small group of people, or a
> benevolent dictator.  What won't work is design by committee, as one
> day of this thread has already shown.

Yes. Although emergent behavour can happen in a herd of cats, it can't
be guaranteed to go in a sensible direction ;)

I'm in, although my web development skills are probably dangerous.

> There have been a lot of good ideas, and we have plenty we can talk
> about.  For now, we need to see who is willing to help develop the
> project.  We will certainly not be lacking on people willing to share
> their opinions on how the project should work, and that's a good
> thing.

If I could suggest a parallel track - get an online basic version
going asap so people can start 'seeding' the database with their
favourite recipes.

> It's good to see such enthusiasm.  I think having a single place for
> this sort of support/community/discussion/material would be a great
> thing for our community.

Yes, I particularly liked the ActiveState site particularly because
one could have structured discussions about recipes, another thing
that wikis just don't do very well.

steve d.