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I've set up a GitHub project [1] in order to allow for easy
collaboration on this project.  Right now the setup script/environment
will almost certainly only work on unix machines, as that is where I
expect primary development to occur.

Some thoughts about everything that's been discussed so far in this thread:

  * We need someone to take control of this project and lead it in a
particular direction.  This could be a small group of people, or a
benevolent dictator.  What won't work is design by committee, as one
day of this thread has already shown.

  * Nothing we are doing or discussing right now is 'Lua' sanctioned,
and I'm sure that is as it should be.  If, in time, we develop an
application that works well for the community and becomes more widely
used, then we can become as 'official' as we can be.

  * There are a lot of details that need to be considered, but in the
short term we should focus on how the project will be developed.  This
means that people need to be become familiar with the existing
'recipes' rock that is included in the main repository.  Any changes
will be made to this code base, so it's a very good place to start.

There have been a lot of good ideas, and we have plenty we can talk
about.  For now, we need to see who is willing to help develop the
project.  We will certainly not be lacking on people willing to share
their opinions on how the project should work, and that's a good

It's good to see such enthusiasm.  I think having a single place for
this sort of support/community/discussion/material would be a great
thing for our community.

- Jim