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Cosmin Apreutesei wrote:
> Right, the snippet and title should be the only mandatory fields.

And license. Unless there's a license attached to the code, it can't be
used for *anything*.

Yes, it's annoyingly bureaucratic, but if you're in any kind of
commercial environment getting this sort of thing right is utterly
mandatory. I've seen and had to pass up on all sorts of useful bits of
code that I wanted to use, simply because they had no license.

> For me, it's not a week that passes without making a new account on
> some site, most of which I forget and have to make a new account
> again. What's the point?

I agree completely. Signing up for stuff is a pain in the arse.

That said, if it's *absolutely* necessary to keep track of people for
accountability reasons, OpenID is your friend. Most people already have
an account with an OpenID provider (Google, Yahoo, LiveJournal...); plus
it makes the implementation easier.

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