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On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 4:54 PM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<> > Neat! I was thinking about the exact
same thing, but also for full
> libraries and even applications. Ideally it will integrate the best
> ideas of all the code repos out there, none of which seem to close the
> circle (that's why some projects have the project homepage on lua
> wiki, sources on github or luaforge, rockspec on luarocks main repo,
> etc.).

I know when I want to get out a small contribution I won't go through
the luaforge route, but will put up the tarball somewhere and just use
the wiki for the homepage. It's appropriate for small projects.

> About the motivation for contribution: I think the greatest obstacle
> for contribution is not internal motivation, it's the interface --
> that is, the lengths you have to go to finally contribute something --

It can be suprisingly awkward!  So, if you had a hundred lines of code
that did one thing well, then releasing it as a recipe will make sense
if it is as simple as editing a wiki, and maybe adding some tags.
Small chunks of code have better reuse potential than large

> 1) for small code snippets:
> - sections on a snippet page: description, snippet itself, comments,
> unit testing, usage examples, tags, cross-categories.

These are fine, but when they become compulsory, it becomes bureaucracy again.

> - have any section edited like any wiki page by anyone without login -
> but keep changelog and provide a diff tool.

That seems the best thing (don't know about 'without login'?)

People will choose various options for their 'flagship' projects,
Luaforge, Google code, etc. But we need a home for the little examples
which illuminate the code landscape for the rest of us.

steve d.