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>> 1) for small code snippets:
>> - sections on a snippet page: description, snippet itself, comments,
>> unit testing, usage examples, tags, cross-categories.
> These are fine, but when they become compulsory, it becomes bureaucracy again.

Right, the snippet and title should be the only mandatory fields. Not
even the category or tags or author name should be mandatory
(Anonymous Coward is a good default). It should be entirely up to the
author to make his snippets popular - the repo should just provide the
tools. Trying to achieve order by compliance is an utopia - all you
get is more "asdf" entries and frustrated users.

>> - have any section edited like any wiki page by anyone without login -
>> but keep changelog and provide a diff tool.
> That seems the best thing (don't know about 'without login'?)

For me, it's not a week that passes without making a new account on
some site, most of which I forget and have to make a new account
again. What's the point? Testing my motivation by torturing me with
these signup forms? I mean if I really care about authorship, it will
be in my own interest to signup, have an author profile onto which to
accumulate feedback points, etc. But maybe I don't care for
authorship, or I just found a typo somewhere or I just want to
thumb-down some comment. How many times have you found yourself in
this situation? Login is just another pointless obstacle here --
bureaucracy as you call it.