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How about we compile Lua and all Lua extension libraries in
LuaBinaries against a stub CRT DLL. We would have several
different versions of the stub, each one forwarding to a
different version of MCVCR. That way, we don't need several
versions of Lua and of each library, only several versions
of the stub, which could be replaced in the distribution to
match each user's compiler.

I realize this would involve substantial work due to the C
header files assuming things about the internal
representation of run-time datastructures. It might also
incur some performance penalties, due to the fact we won't
be able to inline things and perhaps due to the forwarding
(?). It does not sound impossible, though.

Too agressive a solution? Is it better to just have one
binary for each CRT? Or just forget it and let users do
their own compiling?