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  That is quite easy to do. But why we did not do it before?

  Since the release of the Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (that is free to
download) We've been questioning ourselves if we should do that. 

  This discussion already happen in the Kepler list for the Kepler
executable. The last time I check they were using msvcrt.dll, but
recommending Visual C++ 2005 as the compiler. So mixing RTLs. And it seems
to work.

  But I don't like this situation, it smells trouble on the way.

  In fact we are talking about which compiler could be used to build

  If we build only for msvcr80.dll, we eliminate MingW (and DevCpp) as an
option to build modules for Windows. Since MingW builds for msvcrt.dll.

  And when Visual C++ 2008 were release there will be a new "msvcrX.dll" and
we are doomed again.

  One solution could be as simple as having two executables one for
msvcrt.dll and one for msvcr80.dll (as suggested by Diego). But then
everyone that builds modules for Lua would have to build two versions, or at
least choose one to release the module (or also hope that mixed RTLs works).

  This is also bad but the most I try to get far way from this solution it
more seems to be a practical one. 

  Any comments?


PS1: For the Win64 binaries we already linked with Visual C++ 2005, because
there were no other option. But MingW for 64 bits is on the way...

PS2: We should also release an executable that it is not a console
application called "wlua51.exe", so it can be used to build standard Windows
applications using one of the available GUI toolkits for Lua.

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> [] On Behalf Of Diego Nehab
> Sent: segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2007 16:40
> To: Lua list
> Subject: LuaBinaries executables for msvcr80.dll?
> Hi,
> LuaBinaries has a distribution for the Lua DLL and import lib 
> linked with msvcr80.dll. I don't seem to find a distribution 
> for the Lua executable linked with msvcr80.dll.
> Shouldn't we have
> files to match the
> files?
> Otherwise, Visual C++ 2005 users will end up mixing the dll8 
> files with the vc6 binaries, thus mixing msvcrt.dll with 
> msvcr80.dll. How bad is this mix?
> Regards,
> Diego