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The ZLib people (from memory) to produce zlib1.dll compile with
VC7.1 and link against msvcrt.dll. I am not sure of all the details.

This seems like a good solution.

Refer to


On 10/16/07, Diego Nehab <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Personally I think VC8/msvcr80.dll is bad choice. The
> > compiler seems to be quirkier than VC7.1/msvct71.dll.
> > Free does not make it good.
> I agree. But fewer and fewer people will have the correct
> version of Visual Studio as time goes by. Is there a way to
> force every version of Visual Studio to link against
> msvcrt.dll or msvcr71.dll? If so, then problem solved.
> Mixing CRTs is asking for trouble. The first library that
> plays with a FILE * from a Lua file, or mallocs and frees
> accross the mix is doomed.
> []s,
> Diego