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"David Burgess" <> wrote:
> I have linked VC7.1 obj with msvcrt.dll, there are some
> limitations where some RTL functions look for msvcr71.dll
> entry points. That aside it seemed OK.
> The other case example (apart from ZLIB) is SQLite. SQLite
> distributes a ming32 DLL linked with msvcrt.dll. When used
> with VC7 or VC8 executables there are reported problems.

This dreaded runtime business is one of those areas where MS show with
great success that they can make a muddle out of everything.

FWIW, till now I've refrained from using any of the version-specific VC
runtimes. I have found that MSVCRT.DLL (which (since IE4 days?) is a
system DLL) together with VC7.1 or MinGW is generally fine. (For those
w/o import libraries there are tools out there to produce them.)

With VC7.1 there are a few places where the compiler generates code that
calls small RTL functions not in MSVCRT.DLL. However, this is easily
fixed by extracting the required 2 or 3 obj files from the VC7.1 runtime
library and putting them on the linker command line. (I suspect VC8
(which I don't use) has similar issues.)

However, this is not a watertight solution: for this one would almost
certainly need to provide one binary for every new runtime version. A
nightmare, with great potential for much confusion in the future.

cheers  thomasl

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