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I have linked VC7.1 obj with msvcrt.dll, there are some
limitations where some RTL functions look for msvcr71.dll
entry points. That aside it seemed OK.

The other case example (apart from ZLIB) is SQLite. SQLite
distributes a ming32 DLL linked with msvcrt.dll. When used
with VC7 or VC8 executables there are reported problems.

On 10/16/07, Diego Nehab <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I am not sure about availablility of the import lib for
> > msvcrt.dll.
> Right, but would it just work? Doesn't there have to be some
> initialization of the CRT? Is it standard to the point you
> can just replace one by the other and everything is alright?
> Maybe they use the DLL hooks for initialization of the DLL,
> but some other trick for the static?
> Regards,
> Diego