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Share your wiki tricks here.
Click on the title of any page to get a list of referring links.
Indentifier names used in programming often conflict with the syntax used for WikiNames. When including such names in your text, apply the monospace style to them which also disables wiki markup. Now you can talk about MyClass and discuss the proper implementation of DeleteHardDisk!
Click on "wiki" under the lua-users wiki logo to jump to the wiki home page.
Navigate to any page on the wiki quickly by remembering just one word of the page title. Go to FindPage and do a title search.
To have your name (rather than IP address) display in the page history and RecentChanges when you edit pages, specify a name in the "preferences" link at the bottom of the page. Your name should follow the style of other WikiNames listed in CastOfCharacters. You may wish to create a personal page with your WikiName as well.
WikiTricks is not a place to discuss basic formatting rules. The best way for new users to learn those rules is to visit WikiFormattingExamples, which is listed plainly on WikiHelp. There is no page describing the rules explicitly because such pages tend to be confusing and require advanced escape sequences. Learning by example from WikiFormattingExamples is more in the wiki spirit. --JohnBelmonte
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