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This page provides the quickest way to learn the editing syntax of this site. Pick out something of interest and then hit the "edit" link to see how it's done. But don't experiment here... cancel the edit using your browser's back button. Please use the SandBox for testing.

Text styles: normal - italics - bold - bold-italic - monospace

Internal links: HomePage

Page separator:

Bulleted/indented text (tabs or 8 spaces ok):

External links:

Preformatted text:

  *------>>  follow me  >>------*
  |                             |
  |                             |
Combine indenting and preformatted text like this:
this is

Lua code block:

-- the foo function
function foo(x)
    print('input is '..tostring(x))

Section headers:

This is header size 1

This is header size 2

Wondering why there are no explanations on this page? They would just clutter the examples.
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