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Lua-user, man behind the wiki curtain. (Challenge: say "lua-users" ten times fast.)

I've influenced Lua by successful lobbying for:

I wrote a chapter in [Lua Programming Gems] on exceptions. I presented [Exception patterns in Lua] at the second Lua workshop, in 2006.

My Pages (or at least pages I started)

My posts to lua-l [1]

Favorite lua-users wiki pages is...

I think Python PEP's [3] are a great source of info. Find out where Python was flawed and how it's being fixed. Learn about Python's implementations of the latest language fads.

I'd like to mention a wonderful property of (most) wiki implementations that may not be entirely obvious. They forget the past. Although an edit history is maintained for each page, it fades out over time. So deleted mistakes, unkind words, and useless material really disappear unless someone explicitly acts to revive or archive them. This is quite a different concept from the mailing list or newsgroup where, in the case of a public forum, every word may likely be archived until the end of civilization. An interesting article related to this subject is In Defense of the DELETE Key [4].

Here's how to use the unix wget command to make a static copy of this wiki for offline browsing. Of course you can't edit or search the wiki when offline, so that takes the fun out of things.

wget --mirror --html-extension --convert-links


These are in order from impossible to really-impossible. I hope someone does this stuff so I don't have to.


These points are serious and if not fixed eventually (I'm fairly patient) I'd consider starting a Lua derivative that implements them:

These points are ugly but tolerable:

Historical warts which have been resolved:

        a = 5
        globals().a = 5

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