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This page is a human generated list of Lua links-- as opposed to the machine generated lists (often full of irrelevant and duplicate entries) provided by your favorite search engine.

Note that the links here are regarding Lua proper. Links to things for Lua, referred to LuaAddons, have their own listing. Likewise things using Lua are listed elsewhere, on LuaUses.

There are two general types of links here. One is links to sites or pages dedicated to Lua. These are similar to what you would find listed in a web directory. If you are adding such a link to this page, please consider also submitting it to the Open Directory Project (ODP), which will ensure it gets added to the wide network of web directories. SteveDekorte?, a member of the Lua community, is editor of the ODP's Lua category [1].

The other type of link points to citations of Lua within a larger context, such as information directories.

Please don't list simple web search engines here.

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