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There are lots of languages out there. Here is how Lua compares with some of them.





The [Metalua Manual] provides some contrasts between Lua and Scheme: "Basically, Lua could be thought of as Scheme, with: a conventional syntax (similar to Pascal's or Ruby's); the associative table as basic datatype instead of the list; no full continuations (although coroutines are actually one-shot semi-continuations); no macro system." Metalua brings a macro system into Lua for compile-time metaprogramming (CTMP). There is also a preliminary implementation of [Lisp in Lua].

For those comfortable with Scheme, Guile may be a better solution. Lua has a bent towards scripting and configuration by "non-programmers", where infix syntax may be more appealing. Lua is also often used as a stand-alone language, which in the Scheme world is more the domain of scsh than Guile. Guile is significantly larger than Lua.


Objective C

See also ObjectiveLua[2] - [7][3].

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