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Two months ago, I was looking for small scripting language to replace a bunch of microperl scripts (Limited and ugly version of Perl). Now we have CLI, configuration wizards and init-scripts of our network devices rewritten in Lua. Asterisk AGI scripts will be rewritten soon. Two most important things about Lua are: 1) The code is much cleaner and flexible than microperl 2) Lua interpreter is significantly smaller than microperl (220 kb vs. 900 kb). This is very important for us because we're limited to ~5MB filesystem. For occasional programmer (like me) learning Lua takes ~2 weeks. // Dmitry Ivanov.

Lua is the Best thing for some jobs! And it's cool to find such site on the web which helps you a lot. Thanks -- Anonymous

This is the highest quality Wiki I've visited so far. Too bad Wikis aren't suited for all communities. -- Thiago Bastos

This is a very good wiki indeed. Great job :-) /Erik

I also think this is a good wiki/ Danaj

Suggestion: I often come to LuaAddons to check what's new. However it is hard to see quickly what has been updated on this page. Perhaps we should have a header on this page to show a summary of what has been added or updated?" sam_lie

Go to the page history and follow the diff link from the last version that you saw.

Nice wiki! /Zigmar

This wiki definitely needs some updating given the huge amount of material only relevant in older versions of Lua. --anonymous

We have since been heavily updating this. In particular, Lua 4 content is now being explicitly marked with a VersionNotice.

All I can say is that this is the WORST formatted and organized Wiki I have ever seen. It's a real shame. --NateW

Hello Nate, I've had some complaints about the wiki structure myself when first stating to use it (see WikiStructure). Could you provide more specifics so we know what angle you are coming from?

...this is an excellent site. -- Shoaib Meenai

A few things listed below in decreasing order of importance... --DavidManura

Yes, you can link to Gmane, which is updated in real time. But latter please change the link to one in --lhf

Nice Wiki, Great tutorials.Thanks for the good Job! Roland Yonaba

Awsome Wiki.. could do with becoming more user friendly and having a compleate remake.. but otherwise very helpful, for my studies for collage and uni :D Gazza C - Leicester

@Leicester I also cry inside. I will gladly tackle the todo list (huge, and last edited 2009) on WikiStructure page, and start by putting the top-level links at the top of the page, and secondary navigation under that, if someone grants me access. -poikilos

Q: The wiki is good, but what is the licensing policy for the texts here? Is it compartible with GFDL? Can I use it to produce derivative works? --DmitryGaivoronsky

Wondering the same thing as Dmitry above. What is the copyright status of the text?

A: See the [Home Page] -poikilos

Make every page's body 900px and centere it with margin:auto;. I do it on every page with firebug and it is a lot easier to read. Learning a lot :) Thanks for all the great information! -Frank

Q: I'm not sure where to ask a beginner question, so I'll put it here: is there any way with ordinary, un-fooled-around-with Lua for Windows, to obtain the filename (including directory location) if you drag and drop a file onto your script's icon? All I want to do is to have scripts to process files - open the file, do some stuff to it, produce an output file - so I assume that if I have the filename the standard io can do the rest. Because CD-ing around in the morass of Windows is a RPITA. And if it isn't ... then WHY is it so freakin' hard?

A: Good question. I recommend to ask at Lua mailing list <> in a terse but polite way w/o any expression of opinion (and to delete your question and my reply afterwards).

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