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Error message "Could not get user-ID lock"

Sometimes the wiki database gets stuck, and edits result in a Could not get user-ID lock error. When this happens, follow this link to fix it: Command:Unlock.

The above unlock link generates a regular GET request which means spiders will follow it... Since I don't know the underlying Wiki engine I have no idea whether this is an issue or not, but it's something to keep in mind.

Wiki has been running since 2001-- it is not an issue. See also robots.txt.

Lost edits after preview in MS Internet Explorer

Symptom: When returning to the edit window after a preview, the changes just made are gone.

If this happens to you don't panic. Return to the preview page using the browser forward button and copy your changes to the clipboard.

This problem is triggered when, while editing or previewing a page, a link is opened in a new window instead of followed directly. The offending action could be done from any session of the browser, not just the one doing the page edit. Users of IE are advised not do any "side browsing" while editing a wiki page.

This is a bug in all versions of IE up to at least IE 6 SP1.

Error message "Invalid URL or post"

When trying an edit preview or save (other cases?) this message appears. This is an intermittent bug seen on IE 5.5 (anywhere else?).

Not under Firefox. This URL was found by google though [1].

Error message "Sorry your change was not accepted"

This message can occur when trying to commit a change to an existing page. Committing a series of smaller changes (all but one as a minor edit) may resolve it on occasion, but it's recommended you contact JohnBelmonte if you are hitting this.

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