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> I tried to test compiled lua but I got into trouble with existing LUA
> global configuration.
> It looks like LUA supposes only two host systems.
> 1. *NIX systems (POSIX)
> 2. WIN32 system
> But 16-bit systems are not *NIX and not WIN32.
> [...]
> There is some stuff for loading DLL or shared libraries on *NIX systems,
> but something like this doesn't exist on DOS.

Lua will use the "stuff" for *NIX systems only when LUA_USE_DLOPEN is
defined.  By default, it assumes no DLL system.

> Also some path are POSIX or WIN32 specific and cannot be simply used by DOS.
> If WIN32 is not used then it automaticaly include POSIX paths with forward
> slash as path separator etc.
> I understand it is not directly related to LUA, but without it 16-bit
> version can not be run.

These paths are only the initial value used by Lua. You can easily change
them to what you need directly inside your code; for instance:

  package.path = "?.lua"    -- search only locally
  package.cpath = ""        -- no DLL system

Alternatively, if you won't use 'require', you can simply ignore them.

-- Roberto