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I tried to test compiled lua but I got into trouble with existing LUA global configuration.
It looks like LUA supposes only two host systems.
1. *NIX systems (POSIX)
2. WIN32 system

But 16-bit systems are not *NIX and not WIN32. 
I can configure some parameters independently on these, but some handling must be specific by example for DOS host.
There is some stuff for loading DLL or shared libraries on *NIX systems, but something like this doesn't exist on DOS.
Also some path are POSIX or WIN32 specific and cannot be simply used by DOS.
If WIN32 is not used then it automaticaly include POSIX paths with forward slash as path separator etc.
I understand it is not directly related to LUA, but without it 16-bit version can not be run.
Are you any idea what rules should be used for this specific stuff?


út 7. 2. 2023 v 17:39 odesílatel Roberto Ierusalimschy <> napsal:
> I will do testing with 16-bit compilation and processing and report all
> problems which I found.

Many thanks.

-- Roberto