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On 2/16/2023 10:35 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
I tried to test compiled lua but I got into trouble with existing LUA
global configuration.
It looks like LUA supposes only two host systems.
1. *NIX systems (POSIX)
2. WIN32 system

But 16-bit systems are not *NIX and not WIN32.
There is some stuff for loading DLL or shared libraries on *NIX systems,
but something like this doesn't exist on DOS.

This is not strictly true. Open Watcom has the CauseWay extender, which does
support DLLs in DOS, though only 32bit extended code.  The API is
basically win32, and I'm sure you can easily leverage it for Lua if you
put in some work.

Even 16bit DOS has overlays, which work /somewhat similarly/ to DLLs,
but maybe not flexible enough to leverage for Lua.  That said, I don't
really think there's anything forbidding DLLs in real mode DOS, you
just have to put in the work yourself.