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Am Sa., 7. Jan. 2023 um 08:06 Uhr schrieb Mouse <>:
> Actually, practically every Linux system live today has (some)
> characters larger than 8 bits; they have variable-size characters,
> since they use UTF-8.  (Indeed, I find it depressingly difficult to
> make them use single-byte character sets like 8859-*.)

... you have to distinguish between "CPU core registers" and "string

A CPU core based on UTF-8 would be a "crazy construct" full of
cumbersomeness and exceptions :).

For strings as used in Internet (and everywhere, were multiple
language writing styles are used), UTF-8 is a very ingenious and "not
to think away" coding type... . (it was a main problem / error
decision of Microsoft in the 1990 to go with "fix 16-bit Unicode" for
windows instead of flexible UTF8 - only now in Win10 MS corrected this
and at least now allows Win10 to use UTF8 in operating system support