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It was thus said that the Great bil til once stated:
> Am Fr., 6. Jan. 2023 um 11:40 Uhr schrieb Lorenzo Donati
> <>:
> > Actually, rereading my own post and my C99 standard citation, you would
> > need ints with at least 66 bits. Shifting out all the bits is UB.
> (Just small side info: Controllers with non 2-exponent bit number make
> no real sense, the CPU architecture would get just too cumbersome then

  Huh?  I'm aware of 9-bit, 18-bit, 21-bit, 60-bit and 66-bit systems.  They
were mostly built in the 60s.  I'm sure there were other odd-bit systems
built as well, and it's really only in the 70s did the computer industry
collectively came to 8/16/32/64 bit systems.  Even today, there are systems
where characters are larger than 8-bits (these tend to be DSP chips).