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>>> [...] ints with at least 66 bits.  [...]
>> (Just small side info: Controllers with non 2-exponent bit number
>> make no real sense, the CPU architecture would get just too
>> cumbersome then [...]
> Huh?  I'm aware of 9-bit, 18-bit, 21-bit, 60-bit and 66-bit systems.


> Even today, there are systems where characters are larger than 8-bits
> (these tend to be DSP chips).

Actually, practically every Linux system live today has (some)
characters larger than 8 bits; they have variable-size characters,
since they use UTF-8.  (Indeed, I find it depressingly difficult to
make them use single-byte character sets like 8859-*.)

If you mean `char's larger than 8 bits, then I agree with you.  But,
while I think the name `char' originated as an abbreviation of
`character', it really means `machine addressing unit'.  (Today, it
would be better to spell this type `byte', but the existing corpus of
code that spells it `char' is huuuuge.)

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