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>> As the other alternative, I've put the patch file on
>>, in /mouse/misc/lua-5-4-4-patches-2022-12-02
>> (also available at
>> for those who prefer pointy-clicky interfaces, though I'm not sure what
>> Content-Type: it'll be served as).

> 	404 Not Found
> 	/mouse/misc/lua-5-4-4-patches-2022-12-02:

Okay, what did I do wrong?

...oh.  Doh!  My mistake.

Turns out I actually called it lua-5.4.4-patches-2022-12-02, not
lua-5-4-4-patches-2022-12-02.  My apologies!

I've now hardlinked it to both names, so either one should work.

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