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>> I recently did a build of 5.4.4 myself on a system with egcs-1.1.2
>> and found I had to do a bit of bludgeoning here and there; the
>> similar line some ten lines later (with LUA_MAXUNSIGNED) was one of
>> them.

> I assume you are using the standard configuration, with lua integer
> defined as long long.

Yes.  I can share my .h files if there's anything useful there.

> Does your machine has 64-bit longs?

No.  The hardware is 32-bit SPARC; it has 64-bit integers only via the
compiler faking it.  (At least, the hardware I was using for that test
is.  I use the same OS, and will want to use the same software, on
other hardware; I'm not sure which of them have 64-bit integer support
in hardware, but they definitely do not all have it.)

I suspect the problem is the egcs-1.1.2 preprocessor not understanding
long longs, but I haven't investigated enough yet to be sure.

>> ([...].  I can share the rest of my patches too if anyone is
>> interested.)
> I am :-)

Okay.  I don't have time to right now, but I'll keep your message
around and drop the list another note when I've got them available for
public fetching.

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