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>> I suspect the problem is the egcs-1.1.2 preprocessor not
>> understanding long longs, but I haven't investigated [...]

> That's quite likely.  In C89, the preprocessor works with long, not
> long long.

I don't think it's quite C89, but I'm not sure.

> It is weird that it does not accept a macro defined by the compiler
> itself (LUA_MAXUNSIGNED is defined as ULLONG_MAX), but that is
> life...

No, LUA_MAXUNSIGNED is (-0x8000000000000000) - I found the include
files don't define ULLONG_MAX, even though the compiler does in fact
support long long (both signed and unsigned).

I may be pushing the envelope a bit, trying to use 64-bit integers on a
system where the include files don't define limits for them.

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