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> I recently did a build of 5.4.4 myself on a system with egcs-1.1.2 and
> found I had to do a bit of bludgeoning here and there; the similar line
> some ten lines later (with LUA_MAXUNSIGNED) was one of them.  In my
> case, well, here's the result of my bludgeoning:
> /*
>  * I've been unable to figure out how to avoid getting
>  *      "lmathlib.c", line 280: warning: integer constant out of range
>  *  for this on 1.4T.  So, ugly as it is, we hardwire the knowledge
>  *  that all systems this patch tree will be used on have 64-bit
>  *  integers.
>  */
> /* #elif (LUA_MAXUNSIGNED >> 31 >> 31) >= 3 */
> #elif 1

I assume you are using the standard configuration, with lua integer
defined as long long. Does your machine has 64-bit longs? If so, can
you try compiling Lua with lua integer defined as long, instead of
long long?

--- a/luaconf.h
+++ b/luaconf.h
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@
 /* Default configuration ('long long' and 'double', for 64-bit Lua) */
-#define LUA_INT_DEFAULT                LUA_INT_LONGLONG
+#define LUA_INT_DEFAULT                LUA_INT_LONG

> (I'm actually not sure whether it would have compiled the correct code
> anyway; I use -Werror, and considered the above patch preferable to
> dropping -Werror.  I can share the rest of my patches too if anyone is
> interested.)

I am :-)

-- Roberto