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Ahmed Charles <> wrote:

> Just because no one’s mentioned it, the WIN32 api uses typedefs
> extensively for basically everything. This isn’t to say I agree, but if
> you are concerned about people reading your code and yelling at you, you
> can at least content yourself that they will be hoarse from yelling at
> everyone ahead of you in line.
> TL;DR: Do what makes you productive/happy. This is the definition of a
> bike shed.

I suppose it is... but the discussion has given me some food for thought
and that isn't a bad thing. I just wanted to get some opinions about the
use of typedefs in this manner, and I definitely got that and then some!

Another nice side effect was being reminded about the term "code smell",
which while I knew of the concept I had forgot the name itself. That has
produced some very good reading of things to avoid in my code, which in
and of itself is not a bad outcome for this discussion!