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On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 2:51 PM, Russell Haley <> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 10:03 AM, Sean Conner <> wrote:
>> It was thus said that the Great Russell Haley once stated:
>>> Sorry for the top post.
>>> Oh, and twenty indents? The version of Lua I use has a keyword called
>>> 'function'. And adhering to 80 columns is just silly. It was silly 20
>>> years ago when I started writing code.
>>   But where's the cutoff?  I have some XSLT code [1] where some of the lines
>> are long.  Really long.  Like 250 characters long:
>>   <xsl:param name="image"><xsl:value-of select="/site/section[@id='About']/subsection[position()=1]/page[position()=1]/@filename"/>.<xsl:value-of select="/site/section[@id='About']/subsection[position()=1]/page[position()=1]/img/@type"/></xsl:param>
>> (note the two character indent)
>>   This is, in my opinion, a bit too long (but if broken up, would be a real
>> mess and would probably mess up the output too much).
>>   I find 80 to be nice---I can fit several xterms side by side when
>> programming (on my monitor at work---five side by side).
>>   -spc (It's not a hard rule wit me, but a guideline I try to follow)
>> [1]     I was playing around with it about fifteen years ago and decided to
>>         convert my site [2] to XML, and use XSLT to convert it to HTML (and
>>         to generate all links between pages and sections)
>> [2]
> My preference is to maximize the amount of information on a single
> screen. While 250 characters is very long, picking an arbitrary number
> of characters applicable to computing in 1981 is suboptimal. Your
> example of multiple xterms is one good reason to keep lines short, but
> I can also easily put two windows at 150 characters side by side on a
> reasonable modern monitor. After looking at some of my code, it seems
> my lua lines are very short and my C# lines can get up to about 140
> characters. Either way, I try to be descriptive rather than
> restrictive in my code style. That means longer variable names and
> sometimes putting everything on one line if it makes sense. One of my
> current favorites in Lua is if/then/else on one line, which will
> rarely fit in 80 characters:
> if table.value == "another value" then number1 = number1 + 6 else
> number1 = 0 end
> (admittedly that looks much nicer in ZeroBrane with color coding).
> Russ

Here's some Powershell code from my installer. I don't use toolbars in
the Powershell Integrated Script Environment (ISE), so my lines get
monsterously long. I'd probably re-factor it if I was expecting anyone
else to use it, but why not maximize your screen? Screens are HUGE now
(yes, I know, not everyone has a bigillion megapixel yadda yadda).

I think this makes the code far more readable. I can compare all the
variables and ensure uniformity.