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Sorry for the top post. 

Often when I think I'm being clever in code I put extra comments around it because the likelihood of a difficult bug will be particularly high in that area. ‎Perhaps these areas in my code require more comments. Or better yet, more linefeeds. :-/
But ‎I found an example in code last night that I think works. I had to check all three variables in a function for type. One line if-then-else's were very effective for reducing the lines and creating a block of code that I can recognize without having to read. 

As I said, I think the problem dictates the style. I also think my Lua code is very clever. XD

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From: Roberto Ierusalimschy
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Subject: Re: Lua Style Guide ?

> [...] One of my
> current favorites in Lua is if/then/else on one line, which will
> rarely fit in 80 characters:
> if table.value == "another value" then number1 = number1 + 6 else
> number1 = 0 end

That explains a lot :-)

-- Roberto