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On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 8:50 PM, Daurnimator <> wrote:
> On 7 June 2017 at 01:41, Russell Haley <> wrote:
>> I am biased, but I find daurnimators code so elegantly simple it 'has no style'.
> Thanks!
> I wouldn't say it has no style though: my coding style has evolved
> over the years.
> Back in 2008ish I wrote this up about my coding style at the time:
> However much of my preferences have now changed.

Well apparently I do have a style and I Bruce-Lee'd it from daurnimator. :P


> If I thought anyone would read+follow a coding style guide, I might
> keep one updated. But I've learnt that no one *does* read them: it's
> more practical to have a "house style" for a project, and catch
> anything that deviates in a pull request.
> The only time a guide works is when they have tooling to enforce it:
> however for such a tool to be useful (no one agrees on style!) it has
> to be tremendously configurable.
> Even then you have to persuade people to use the tooling (see how
> often people use astyle or clang-format).